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Perms are ideal, but not limited to; supporting a style that needs extra lift or structure to hold a blow-dry, and is really effective if you have fine or flat hair. Don’t be put off by the 80s, perms are now more nourishing and can be done in various methods to get the look you desire!
Whether it be just for volume at the root, or to create a soft undone wave or to get that big bouncy look of cascading curls or to simply give you hair more vavoom in helping you style your hair there is many options.
Perms have also been enhanced. Enabling you to pick your desired curl. ex: tight curl, loose curl, body save, or spiral.

Volume Wave
Perfect for enhancing body within the hair with minimal curl. The body perm gives longevity to your blow-dry and makes your hair more manageable. At Beautiful Creation we recommend that a blow-dry is done once a week. If left to dry naturally the perm will fall in a loose wave,this will last between 2-3 months depending on length. Having a layered haircut will help the volume perm last longer. No special shampoo or conditioners required. We recommend that your hair isn’t washed for a maxuim of 3-5 days after the treatment.

The Spiral Wave.
A very tight curl falling in different directions to create a very natural result. This wave is perfect for the client that wants to wash and go! Products are key to keep this wave looking full and soft. The wave will last between 3- 6 months depending on the aftercare of the wave. We recommend that a hydrating shampoo and conditioner is applied every time the hair is washed, Followed by a amplifying mousse or spray. The product should be evenly distributed throughout the hair either by hand or comb.
Once applied then apply a smoothing oil throughout the hair to put back the moisture into the hair. This can be left to dry naturally or using a diffuser. We recommend the hair isn’t washed for 3-5 days.

The Bespoke Wave
Wether your wanting body throughout the top or certain areas of your hair or you lack curl in certain ares of your hair,we can tailor make your wave to your hair needs.

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All the aftercare information will be given to you by your stylist as each perming service is completely bespoke to the individual.

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