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Track by track

What they are:
Track by track sew extensions are the most popular method. They are one long piece of weft applied to your hair on tracks. A tiny cornrow is braided from each side of your head and then held together by a stitch. The weft is then sewn onto the cornrow to make a track. Most cases 3 tracks is enough, but bigger heads or thicker hair may need 4.

Who they are for:
Track by track sew extensions are for beginners mostly or low maintenance women. If your are use to clip ins but are sick of teasing your hair and redoing them everyday, then track by track sew extensions are the best method to switch to. If you are a woman who likes to change up your style or color quite often the track by track sew are the most cost effective method to do so. If this is your first time getting extensions done then track by track sew are the best first step!

Type of hair needed:
Track by track sew are done with a long weft of hair, which is pretty much the most common hair that is sold. It is sold in one long strip, only one brand is sold in bunches. Just make sure the top is stitched across. You can get it machine weft or hand tied. Hand tied sheds less than machine weft and therefore lasts longer but of course is more pricey.

Kind of hair:
The best hair is called Remy hair. Remy is not a brand itself, it is just a type of hair. Remy means the cuticles are pointed in the same direction. This is the healthiest hair, it lasts longer, and reduces tangles. So you can choose any type of brand you want but you want to make sure it is "100% human remy hair".


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